Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Just can't get it out of my head....

Some of you may be familiar with the brilliant resources produced by Fr Simon Rundell, he who has brought the ministry of Blessed to Greenbelt for the last two years.  Simon is both high as high (further up the candle than me anyway) and fresh as fresh (expressions that is), leading to a wonderful synergy of digital media and ancient ritual.  One of the useful things I found in his book Creative Ideas for Sacramental Worship with Children is a nursery rhyme mass setting.  Inspired by this I ended up trying to write a sung creed today to use at one of my services. It wasn't easy - but this is the result. I know it has holes in, but most shortened creeds do. Still thought it was worth sharing - sung to the tune of Frere Jaques.

God our Father, God our Mother
We believe, we believe
who created all things, who created all things
Earth and sea, stars and me.

Christ our Saviour, Christ our Saviour
We believe, we believe
Lived and died and risen, lived and died and risen
You and me, set us free.

Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit
We believe, we believe
Moving here among us, moving here among us
God right here, near as near.

Three in one, three in one
One in three, one in three
God revealing all things, God revealing all things
Dancing free, trinity.