Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Monday, 21 May 2012

Response to prayer.

At my church's Taize service last night we were reflecting on Celtic Saints. The service is a combination of traditional Taize music, silence and prayer, along with a series of multi-sensory prayer stations.  Last night's mini-pilgrimage round prayer stations of the saints included a reflection on Caedmon's inspiration - gifts of song inspired by God's Word which the tale tells came to him in dreams.
The prayer station asked people to think about their own creative response to the Word - to seek out a passage of scripture and if inspiration struck to record their response with pen and paper. I was worried that this might be a bit too think-y and time consuming for a prayer station - but it seemed to work. I found myself looking at John 20.15 in the Jerusalem translation of the Bible - "Woman, why are you weeping? I'm here." - this is what spewed onto the page.

"Woman - why are you weeping? I'm here - I love you."

I weep for my weakness.
I weep for my confusion and blankness.
I weep for pain and disappointment, anger and bitterness.

I weep for you, for what you mean to me.
For my selfishness that my need is always first in heart and mind.

I weep with suppressed joy
praise, adoration, desire.

I am weeping.  I am here -  I love you.

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