Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Have been to a Churches Together meeting this evening - which was lovely - they always are round here.  Genuine and smashing bunch of people who are involved in all sorts of amazing and dynamic projects like Street Angels, CICs, our local food bank and many many more.  Came away feeling a bit wrong footed though somehow.

The majority of churches involved, though of many denominations, are of the evangelical tradition, and I always end up feeling like a bit of a trad old stick in the mud.  I got really excited when we talked about some kind of flash mob last supper event - some friends and I had been looking at some kind of flash mob nativity but didn't get our act together so this really tuned me in.  Problem came when everyone insisted it should happen on Good Friday.  I know this makes sense in some ways but I thought some of them might, like me, be busy with stuff like the Good Friday Liturgy? Frustrated because I want to join in and do more with this group but feel like the rhythms and practices of the more middle of the road Anglican amongst us are ignored or viewed with gentle scorn.

I want to sing beautiful music at the foot of the cross, to me moved by the sound and the silence of the Good Friday liturgy as I always am - but I also want to go out onto the streets and share something of the Passion with people who may never consider darkening our door.  Why would anyone imagine that I and plenty of others wouldn't like the opportunity to do both?


Anonymous said...

But how many trad stick in the muds get to preach at a rock mass?

Is this the same woman who introduced us both as "we like the fact that no one expects us to be vicars?"

Anonymous said...

Dammit I'm back again. Stop trying to make me think!!

I have a similar issue to you. As someone who loves the emergent I have a dichotomy in that I have embraced the established (wholeheartedly at it's core values and ideals) and love it's traditions. How do I balance my life of "not being what I expected" and "I'll have to see you in uniform" (picture this with a piece of plastic round my neck) with my love of choral music? My love of unconformity with my love of traditions (that serve a purpose)? My love of individualism with my love of common life?

Rach, stop making me think! I have too many questions!!